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Beyond the fight: an essay on pausing to make progress

As we experience the disruptions of a pandemic and uncertainties about the future, there is an opportunity to reimagine our current systems, ones which we have known to be broken for a long time. We asked writer Kelly Bartholomeusz to deep dive into her experiences during COVID-19. From the second lockdown in Melbourne, here are Kelly’s musings about feeling versus acting, hope and navigating complexity, in building a better world.  Writer Kelly is also a Seljak Brand model!   It is now August, and soon I will need two hands to count the months that have passed in this dance between holding pattern and crisis response, between hope and dread. I’ve become intimately familiar with my home and its surrounding streets. I’ve...

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Seljak Brand customer Jess Noon on fixing up her big yellow bus

Jess Noon is a locum doctor (it’s like freelance doctor-ing!) and avid adventurer, and mum to the bright yellow bus, Gertie. Jess tells us about the process of finding, painting and fixing up the bus herself. She shares where they’ve been together and where they’re off to next. As Covid-19 restrictions continue to shift in Australia and overseas travel is off the cards, her story is a reminder of the beauty and expansiveness of Australia – making us itch to hit the road! Jess was one of the first Seljak Brand customers, buying a Seljak Original shortly after we launched in 2016. We caught up with Jess on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, where she’s currently living on her parents’...

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Q&A with Quandamooka artist Leecee Carmichael

Quandamooka woman Elisa Jane Carmichael, or Leecee, as she’s known to her nearest and dearest, is a multidisciplinary artist who honours her salt-water heritage through her practice. She incorporates materials collected from Country, embraces traditional techniques, and expresses contemporary adaptations through painting, weaving, and textiles. She comes from a family of artists and curators, and works closely with her female kin to revive, nurture and preserve cultural knowledge and practice.  Leecee is a descendant of the Ngugi people, one of three clans who are the traditional custodians of Quandamooka, also known as Yoolooburrabee—people of the sand and sea. Quandamooka Country comprises the waters and lands of and around Moreton Bay in south-east Queensland.  Leecee is the star of our latest...

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Seljak Brand’s newest blanket design is an ode to the reefs

Words by by Ella Liascos. Ella is a sustainability writer and the founder of Sun Juju, a plastic free, reef safe SPF50 that rubs on clear and donates 5% of profits to The Climate Foundation’s Marine Permaculture Project. To coincide with the launch of our Seljak Lune blanket – which was inspired by the beauty and fragility of the Great Barrier Reef – Ella contributed this piece for Seljak Brand’s blog.  For the first time ever, reef bleaching has hit all three regions of the Great Barrier Reef. It’s the most widespread bleaching event on record and the third severe event in the last five years.  Stretching 2,253 kilometres, all corals within that span have been severely affected, according to the Great...

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Bringing Coldwater Cabin to life: a Q&A with Jennifer Hillhouse

Over the better part of a year, Jennifer Hillhouse and JC Lehuby – of Brisbane's Vieille Branche – renovated a shack in the heart of Tasmania into a cosy cabin for the weekend getaway of our dreams. We chatted to Jennifer about how the couple brought Coldwater Cabin to life, which is situated on The Great Lake in Miena and on the doorstep of Cradle Mountain National Park. It took a lot of time, love, energy and dirty work to pull it together. But it was worth it! Given Miena is one of the coldest towns in Australia (it snows in January!), it's the perfect place to slow down and cosy up (with Seljak blankets, of course). And while we might need to wait until a trip to...

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