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Discover our recycled wool blankets for keeping warm, creating memories, and curating your home. Ethically made in Australia and Lithuania within a closed-loop system, Seljak Brand’s wool blankets are as impactful as they are luxurious and useful. Our woollen blankets are made from factory offcuts, deadstock yarn, or post-consumer textiles waste, and can be recycled after a long, adventurous life free of charge. Our model allows us to divert waste from landfill and exemplifies a circular economy in action. 

Keep warm or cool depending on the season with our lightweight summer and cosy winter blankets. They’re woven in a range of different colours and feature intentional designs both celebrating the power of the natural world and warning of its fragility. We also have a curated collection of cotton blankets made out of recycled materials, as well as our locally woven wool blankets that are made in Australia. Explore our collection of picnic and camping blankets that are durable, functional, beautiful to look at and easy to cart around. Or shop our bundled blankets to receive a cheeky discount on our favourite blanket pairings. 

Discover our extensive collection of award-winning woollen blankets, to make your day-to-day more beautiful, cosier and impactful.