Collection: Australian Wool Blankets

Cosy up with an Australian-made wool blanket from Seljak Brand.

Ethically woven from luxuriously soft yet hard-wearing recycled wool, Seljak Brand’s Australian wool blankets are the perfect addition to your outdoor picnic, your cosy reading nook, your perfectly designed bed, or your curated home. Our respect for Australian wool led us to the oldest weaving mill in the country, which retained all of its production offcuts for future use. We used these offcuts to make the best woollen blankets in Australia, and incorporated a closed loop system that re-manufactures the blankets at the end of their life. Now, we work with mills using overstock yarn as well as offcuts to create insulating and durable blankets. Our blankets are a purchase you can feel good about. We donate $2 from every woollen blanket purchased to the ASRC, an organisation supporting refugees and people seeking asylum in Australian communities.

Explore Seljak Brand’s curated collection of Australian wool blankets – woven in exquisite designs, made to keep you warm and cosy and designed to last a lifetime.