Repair Workshops

Seljak X Artisan online workshops

Do you have a cherished garment or item with a tear, hole or a stain that needs mending or revitalising? 

Seljak Brand partnered with Artisan, Queensland's peak body of craft and design, to establish a series of online workshops about repair and circularity, to assist you in adding value and life to your beloved garments.

Whether it be a blanket, a pair of jeans or a beloved jacket, we help you learn to create unique patches that not only grant your garments a longer life, but make your clothes unique and personal in the process, adding both material and immaterial value. 

Check out the workshops to learn how to patch with free-style embroidery and traditional blanket stitch, as well as the fundamentals of circular design.

There’s truly no feeling like fixing a special item of clothing you hold dear and we really encourage you to give your clothes a second life, save some money, divert so-called “waste” from landfill and express yourself!

Selajk X Artisan online workshops