Circular Stories

Circular Stories Vol. 1: A Better T-Shirt
Circular Stories Volume 1: A Better T-Shirt

Do you want a better way to make, shop and use clothing and textiles? Same! Circular Stories: A Better T-Shirt is a guide for everyone – shoppers, producers, retailers, marketers and regulators – who want to find a better alternative to fast fashion. By better, we mean a way that is kinder for people and planet. By kinder, we mean an approach that is circular by design.

A Better T-Shirt will help you to design, make, use, reuse and dispose of t-shirts in Australia. Explore the guide.

After joining forces at a workshop during lockdown in 2020, Monash Sustainable Development Institute (MSDI), A.BCH, Kloke, Seljak Brand, Now + Future and APG & CO created a working group called Circular Stories. Together, we spent the better part of a year developing the guide, which is available as an online tool and for download.

The guide was officially launched by the Hon Lily D’Ambrosio, Victorian Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change. Read the Monash press release here.

Circular Stories brings together industry best practice and the latest research to put forward the best solutions within the Australian context for reaching circularity. Let’s all be part of the transition towards a circular textiles economy!

Key contributors include:
Julie Boulton, MSDI
Aleasha McCallion, MSDI
Courtney Holm, A.BCH
Samantha Seljak, Seljak Brand
Kirri-Mae Sampson, Now + Future
Genevieve Moody, APG & Co 
Amy Gallagher, Kloke

Rethinking linear models of designing and making

Rethinking linear models of designing and making t-shirts in Australia