We launched Seljak Brand as a circular business and have had a re-manufacture model embedded from day one. But in keeping resources in circulation, there is a hierarchy of actions you can take to ensure you’re maximising the value of the precious fibres used to make your blanket and their embodied energy. This is how it works:

1. CARE for your blanket

Remember, proper care and repair are some of the most important actions you can take to extend the life of your blanket, lowering your need to consume more and thus your carbon footprint. You can do that by exploring our How to care for wool blog and our Care instructions page. 

2. REPAIR your blanket 

You can also repair your blanket when needed using our handy repair guides. Check out how to patch or invisibly repair a hole in your blanket, or sign up to a workshop to do an embroidery repair. If you want advice on which style of repair to use, feel free to email us at for tips. 

3. REUSE your blanket 

When you no longer want your blanket, it can be donated. If you know of a charity in need of blanket donations, you can donate it directly to a good cause. Or consider a swap – maybe someone you know might want a new blanket, and you can do an exchange to freshen your vibe!

4. RECYCLE your blanket

To responsibly get rid of your blanket you can  post it back to us for reuse or recycling in exchange for a $40 discount off your next Seljak Brand blanket. If the blanket is still usable we’ll donate it to the ASRC’s Material Aid program, and if it’s damaged we’ll send it to one of our mill partners or Upparel to recycle. There it will be shredded and spun into new yarn to make future blankets. In this way we're keeping resources at their highest value for as long as possible. 


If you would like to return your blanket, please email with the subject BLANKET RECYCLING and we’ll respond with the shipping address to return it to and your $40 discount code to help you buy your next blanket. Thanks for being part of our circular journey! 


Seljak Brand's circular model

Seljak Brand's circular model