Over our 8 years of creating and building Seljak Brand, we’ve learned multitudes about the realities of leveraging business to transition to a circular economy. 

The WHY has become obvious. Even more so than when we first started Seljak Brand, climate impacts are now posing very immediate risks to human health and security – which means a business landscape in which companies are surviving, not thriving. 

The answers are clear, the technology exists, and the will is strong. Companies are now asking HOW do we make this transition? We, Karina and Samantha Seljak of Seljak Brand, are able to share our knowledge and experience to help other brands make the transition and together propel the business ecosystem forward. 

Our key areas of expertise are: 

Circular systems design

  • Textiles: Regenerative fibres, recycled fibres, textiles recycling
  • Design: Range planning and design, closed loop fashion design 
  • Product life extension including care, repair, swap, rent
  • Global supply chains: Manufacturing, diversification, logistics and 3PL, importing 
  • Production: Australian and EU manufacturing and scaling
  • Materials sourcing considerations
  • Design for disassembly and solutions for end-of-life
  • Stakeholder engagement, relationship management, leveraging the ecosystem
  • Social enterprise business models, impact models
  • Labelling and packaging

Sales, brand, marketing & communications

  • Marketing channels (web presence, EDM, marketing automation, social media, blog)
  • Pricing for the market
  • Competitor and market analysis
  • Brand story, key messages, campaigns
  • Impact/content marketing 
  • Creative direction
  • Paid advertising and public relations
  • B2B and B2C sales management
  • Education, events and presentations for brand awareness and movement building (circular workshops, keynote presentations, stakeholder events)

Utilising these key capabilities, there are a range of  ways in which we engage with clients:

  1. Identify opportunities for circularity through business strategy and operations analysis 
  2. Strategy and plan for circular transition of determined potential area/s of improvement
  3. Implementation support to execute circularity plan and achieve business outcomes 

If you are interested in talking about opportunities and support to take your business circular, get in touch with Karina or Sam