Karina donating blankets to the ASRC

Karina donating blankets to ASRC

Since launching in 2016, we’ve supported the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre (ASRC) with blanket and monetary donations. The ASRC provides job training, access to health services and legal advice, as well as food and household goods for asylum seekers. 

Until mid-2020, we donated a blanket to the ASRC in Melbourne for every 10 blankets sold. Over the course of the year it became clear that monetary donations could more effectively cover the very immediate needs of refugees and people seeking asylum. From July 2020, for every blanket sold we donated $5 to the ASRC, and $2 from April 2023, to cover the cost of the highest-need material aid, like food and toiletries

Supporting the work of the ASRC is important to us as our grandparents were refugees from Slovenia.

So far, Seljak Brand has donated $26,050 and 284 blankets to the ASRC

"My English student's little girl always fetches her special blanket to sit on when she has her lunch. She loves her blanket. Thank you Seljak for giving this little girl something special of her own." – Danila, English tutor for asylum seekers, Melbourne 

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