Collection: Design blankets

Introducing the Seljak Brand Design blankets, a range of unique and sustainable blankets designed to add a touch of style to your home. Woven in a range of colours, they feature intentional blanket designs both celebrating the power of the natural world and warning of its fragility. Made from 70% recycled wool – primarily sourced from old woollen garments – 25% polyamide and 5% other recycled fibres, each blanket is crafted to provide the ultimate in comfort, durability, and sustainability.

Seljak Design blankets are ideal for adding colour and comfort to your home. Use as a throw on your lounge or a feature in the bedroom, our distinctive designs will enhance any space. 

Seljak Brand's commitment to sustainability is exemplified in every aspect of the production process. The use of recycled wool reduces waste to landfill, and our take-back program paves the way for a more circular fashion industry. The blankets are crafted in Australia and Lithuania at heritage wool mills that have been weaving for decades.

Our Design blankets are super soft to the touch and provide superior warmth and comfort, making them perfect for snuggling up on the couch or getting a good night's sleep. Lightweight, sustainable, and ethically sourced, these blankets are sure to add character to any room in your house. Whether you're a lover of classic design or a fan of bold and contemporary aesthetics, adding a Seljak Design blanket to your favourite nook will make you feel warm inside and out.