Seljak Brand hosts community events to enable conversation about global issues on a local level. We discuss things like how you can contribute to reducing global warming and how creativity is needed in systems change. Here's the series of events we've organised.

ART AS ACTION: Finding the role of creativity in the face of a climate crisis

24 October 2019
Schoolhouse Studios

The climate crisis is pressing and communities are only becoming more impacted as we feel the effects of global warming. The majority of climate action focuses on emissions reduction through renewable energy and reforestation, which is difficult for many of us to engage with in our daily lives and leaves the skills and passions of creative people by the wayside in the call for climate action. It also largely ignores how we are to prepare for the extreme natural events to which we’re increasingly exposed.

Art and creativity critiques and envisions, it builds new, re-invents and inspires – all essential components of transitioning to new ways of doing things. Furthermore, storytelling creates connection between people and groups which is core to effective action.

So as creatives, how can we contribute to the transition to the new society and economy we need? And how do we build resilience as we begin to feel the impacts of a heating planet?

Seljak Brand and Schoolhouse Studios brought together a panel of creatives to discuss ART AS ACTION. The panelists:  

The event was live-scribed by Devon Bunce who also did this epic artwork. The conversation was synthesised into this blog post. 

IT'S A CLIMATE EMERGENCY: What do we do now?

24 June 2019
Wandering Cooks
We need to act on climate now – it’s an emergency. The UK government has declared it, local councils like Byron Shire Council, Yarra City Council and Fremantle City Council have declared it. The good news is that we have the solutions at our fingertips. So how can we achieve a zero emissions future by decarbonising our economy faster? And what can we do at a local level to accelerate this? For this panel, Seljak Brand brought together passionate change makers, agitators and enterprises who share a common view to act urgently on climate:
  • Phil Winzer from Seed Indigenous Youth Climate Network
  • The Falls Farm (who are also members of Farmers For Climate Action)
  • Barb Bell from The Wilderness Society (who also campaigned for The Greens for the seat of Bonner)
  • Pamela Greet a lifelong activist and slow fashion advocate
  • And Rob Pekin of Food Connect, distribution disrupters and fair food entrepreneurs.
We asked our panelists to:
  • Share actions that can be taken on an individual level, and in solidarity with others, focusing on the most impactful way to act on the climate emergency and accelerate the transition
  • Explore how we can stay hopeful and resilient amidst dire news.
Artwork by Jo Woolley of @beachdontkrillmyvibe. The conversation was synthesised into this blog post.

DISRUPTING FASHION TO SAVE THE WORLD: Limiting global warming to 1.5°C

10 February 2019
Sustainable Living Festival 

It’s ‘climate crunch time’ and everything we care about (and rely on!) is now under threat. In February 2019, The Sustainable Living Festival – in its 20th year – is making it a mission to present the very best discoveries to restore a safe climate as fast as humanly possible.

How can fashion help to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees? Suitcase Rummage and Seljak Brand brought together Well Made Clothes, Oxfam, Finding Infinity, and Sustainability Victoria, to talk fashion industry solutions to climate change. The panel discussion on Sustainable Living Festival’s Big Weekend went beyond the usual conversations around supply chain issues, textiles recycling, buying less and buying better – focusing instead on how fashion can halt its contribution to global warming, drastically and quickly. The panelists:

The conversation was synthesised into this blog post.