2022 impact report

2022 impact report

As the world weathers the undeniable effects of climate change and the cost of living crisis, it’s been another very challenging year, including for us here at Seljak Brand.

Each year we reflect on how our work contributes to the vision for the kind of world we want to live in. We’re extremely proud to be part of the effort to transition to a fairer, cleaner fashion economy, as waste reduction and modern slavery become national agenda priorities. There’s no doubt the shift must accelerate, but this year we can say it’s well and truly underway.

Lily, Sam and Karina of the Seljak Brand team

The Seljak Brand team: Lilybelle and co-founders Sammy and Karina

Impact from January 1st 2022 to now:

  • We've diverted 1,157kg of textiles waste from landfill to make our blankets
  • We’ve donated $6,685 directly to the ASRC for food, support and supplies

Our Activities:

  • We visited suppliers in Tasmania and Victoria to continue finding local manufacturing opportunities
  • We collaborated with Queensland’s peak body in craft and design, Artisan, to deliver an online workshops series in circular design and repair techniques
  • We worked with Yandina Community Gardens on the Sunshine Coast on a composting trial to establish the biological circularity of our woollen products
  • We spoke about circular design and social enterprise at NGV, TAFE, Queensland University of Technology (QUT) and other educational institutions
  • Seljak Brand co-founders Sammy and Karina Seljak were jointly named ‘Finalist’ in Banksia Foundation's Youth as Our Changemakers Award
Now more than ever is the time to support each other (and small businesses!) and celebrate the wins made throughout the year.
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