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How to repair your blanket

Well-made wool blankets can last a lifetime if you take care of them. This can be as simple as airing your blanket out in the sun if it’s been in storage for a long time to freshen it, or spot cleaning if you spilt something on it. And if you get a hole in your blanket, it’s worth repairing! In a highly consumerist society, and an economy that relies on single-use and fast fashion buys, products breaking and needing to be replaced, repair is actually a radical act. Repair saves you money, empowers you to restore the things you love, and helps release pressure on the planet from overconsumption. Repairing your stuff can be easy, fun and sometimes really beautiful....

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Meet the makers at the Geelong mill we work with

Former mill director Quentin and textile designer Ana at the mill Seljak Brand has been working with a heritage mill in Geelong for the past year to create the beautiful Rugged range made from 100% deadstock woollen yarn. The Geelong mill, in its various iterations, has been weaving wool fabric for 100 years, but have only recently introduced blanket weaving to find a use for the myriad of leftover yarn in their warehouse. Led by the mill’s previous director Quentin Vahl Meyer, and driven by textiles designers Gemma Glazik and Ana Petidis, the Geelong mill have perfected beautiful, Australian-made wool blankets. Seljak Rugged range made in Geelong – the Peak, Swell and Glow blankets To shine a light on the wonderful work...

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Platypus Publication: Exploring place, climate and time with Marilena Hewitt

  Trained architect cum publication creator, Marilena Hewitt is a deeply thoughtful human, putting her energy into hyperlocalism, community and documenting changing climates through place. Rather than working in a large architecture firm (tried it, didn’t like it), Marilena nurtures a brilliant creative project called PLATYPUS.  In her own words, PLATYPUS is a print publication recognising unseen Australian icons hiding at the intersection of stolen land and culture in this Anthropocene. It is not afraid to express ideas through casual poetry, semi-political, visual jest and bold gestures. We have the privilege of sharing our studio with Marilena in Brisbane and find her work both thought provoking and powerful. We chatted to Marliena about SALTY – the latest publication from PLATYPUS...

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This Geelong mill has been weaving wool fabric for 100 years – now they make Seljak Brand blankets too!

Seljak Brand’s latest blanket range, Rugged, is made at a heritage mill in Geelong, one of the renowned textiles regions of Australia. We came across Geelong Weaving Mill a few years ago by way of the intimate textiles ecosystem here in Australia. After realising we shared many values and a willingness to innovate with the mill’s director Quentin Vahl Meyer, we were absolutely thrilled to hear the mill was leaning into blanket production. Since, driven by textiles designers Gemma Glazik and Ana Petidis, Geelong Weaving Mill have perfected beautiful, Australian-made wool blankets. The Geelong mill has operated and specialised in wool fabric since 1920. Today, they continue to create quality upholstery and apparel fabrics for commercial and domestic use. Whether...

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LOOP GROWERS: the closed loop composting system feeding Brisbane cafes

Alice & Phil, founders of Loop Growers Loop Growers is a market garden, a composting solution for Brisbane’s venues, a community galvaniser, an educator and a completely closed loop food system.  Wearing many hats, Alice Star and Phil Garozzo developed Loop Growers almost six years ago. Alice had been learning about land regeneration and was putting it into practice on her dad Rob’s farm out on Jinibara and Jagera country, at Samford, 30km from Brisbane. Her Dad had a garlic crop as a hobby and after an over-abundance of garlic, Alice started selling it to her mate who was a chef at Merriweather cafe in South Brisbane.  Alice and OB the farm's maremma After he’d been travelling and WOOF-ing in...

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