How to choose a Seljak Brand blanket

Blanket shades from the Colour range 

Colours, designs, textures, weights – choosing your own Seljak Brand blanket can feel like an overwhelming task! So here we take a closer look at the different ranges, breaking down the functional and aesthetic characteristics of each blanket we offer. If you are considering investing in a Seljak blanket, the following features will assist you in evaluating which range is best aligned with your needs and help you to pick the perfect blanket:        

    • Blanket ranges
    • Type of waste
    • Warmth, texture and durability
    • Sizing
    • Fringe vs Whipstitch
    • Where it's made

Blanket Ranges  

The Rugged range, as the name suggests, are robust hardy blankets created specifically with outdoor use in mind. Crafted from 'deadstock' upholstery yarns, each design is a special limited edition one-off that can’t be replicated. Inspired by natural phenomena of the land and sea, the Moontide blanket and the Sunbeam blanket are currently available. Rugged blankets are made locally at a mill in Geelong.

The Colour range blankets are luxurious, durable and multi-purpose perfect for adventuring, homemaking and everything in between. Available in a range of colours which pay homage to the Australian landscape, check out the different shades; Indigo, Pine, Moss, Earth, Pinot, Fig and Original, each with optional Whipstitch or Fringe finish.

The Design range are soft, lightweight blankets which are best suited for interior use. Perfect as a throw on the couch or in your bedroom, each Design blanket has a unique artwork and story exploring the fragility and power of the natural world. Dune reflects the beauty of the central desert at dusk, Lune is inspired by the tides of the Great Barrier Reef and Pyramid is a response to the landscape and climbing temperatures on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. Passage is inspired by the architecture of waves and explores the swiftness of action required to respond to rising sea levels. The jacquard weave used for these blankets creates a unique dual design with inverted colours on either side, with a fringe finish.

Type of Waste

Woven from upholstery yarn, The Rugged range blankets are composed of 96% wool and 4% nylon. These blankets utlilise 'deadstock' yarn which mills are often left with, unused due to over-ordering or last minute customer changes to quantities or design.

Deadstock yarn from the Geelong mill

The Colour range is crafted from 100% recycled pre-consumer textile waste (55% recycled wool, 30% recycled polyester, 15% recycled other fibres) collected from 16 mills around Europe. The factory floor offcuts are collected and sent to the Lithuanian weaving mill for processing, where offcuts are shredded, combed out and spun into a new yarn and ready for weaving into blankets. Creating a new product from pre-existing materials, these blankets divert approximately 1.1kg of waste from landfill.

Shredded offcuts at the Lithuanian mill 

Incorporating repurposed yarn from Italy, The Design range extends the lifespan of post-consumer textiles such as woollen jumpers. The Dune blanket has a unique luxurious composition of 75% recycled lambswool and 25% polyamide and the Pyramid, Passage and Lune blankets are both composed of 70% recycled wool, 25% polyamide and 5% other fibres. Read more on how old woollen jumpers are turned into new yarn.

Reclaimed textile waste at the Italian mill ready to be recycled into new yarn Reclaimed textile waste at the Italian mill ready for recycling into new yarn 

Warmth texture and durability

The sturdy Rugged blankets are the most durable blankets we offer, built to last due to the nature of their textile composition, derived from repurposed hard-wearing upholstery yarns. Made up of wool, polyester and other other recycled textiles, they have a coarser, fibrous texture. These blankets are the warmest and most hardwearing. If you are planning on taking your blanket camping or picnicking, and warmth is your priority, then the Rugged blanket is your match.

Closeup details of the Rugged range Moontide blanket

Because Colour blankets are made from textile offcuts they vary slightly in colour and texture. These blankets are softer and lighter than the Rugged range but hardier than the Design range, making them the ideal multi-use blanket, for indoors and out.

Closeup details of the Colour range blanket in Fig

The Design range are our softest and lightest blankets, due to the difference in material composition. Splendid for cosy everyday use at home or for a little extra warmth when you're on the go. These blankets are remarkably warm for how lightweight they are. 

Closeup details of the Pyramid blanket from the Design range


The Rugged range are Seljak Brand’s largest and therefore also the heaviest blankets we offer. The Moontide blanket measures 180cm x 150cm, weighing approximately 950g, while the Sunbeam blanket are 200cm x 150cm weighing 1.2kg. These blankets are great for cold climates and are sure to keep you warm when the temperature dips. Carl purchased a Moontide blanket and says,

“It is soft and warm. Just like the blankets you used to have as a kid when you wanted to feel safe”.

The Rugged range Moontide blanket

The Colour range Fringe finish blankets measure 205cm x 160cm while the Whipstitch finish is 190cm x 160cm, weighing 1.1kg. They sit nicely atop a double bed but aren't a full size bed blanket. Julia purchased an Indigo blanket from the Colour range and says,

"I love this blanket! Working from home during COVID-19 in winter it has been a daily accessory. It's beautifully made. I love the colour and the occasional little specks of other colour give it a one-of-a-kind feel. It's an investment and worth it.

Colour range blankets comfortably accomodate two or three people

The Design range blankets are 180cm x 130cm and at 600g, the lightest that Seljak Brand offers. This makes them highly portable and fantastic for travelling. Folded and neatly tucked into your luggage they’re barely there, which means you can have your favourite blanket with you wherever you go! They’re also useful all year round, with a great warmth-to-weight ratio, they don’t rely on heaviness for cosiness and are perfect for cool summer breezes as well as the wintertime. Hannah purchased the Lune blanket and says;

“Such a beautiful blanket. I sleep with it every night and am often seen in work meetings with it draped around my shoulders – the envy of all who video call!”

The Lune and Dune blankets from the Design range 

Fringe vs. Whipstitch

The Fringe finish offered in the Colour and Design ranges is a decorative flourish, adding length and detail to your blanket, while the Whipstitch is a subtle sturdy option. Simply, the Fringe looks luxurious if you’re planning on using your blanket on the couch or bed, and if outdoors, the Whipstitch ensures no leaves get tangled in the blankets’ edges.

Closeup of The Pine Fringe Finish and Moss Whipstitch colour blankets 

Where it’s made

Each blanket range is made at a mill that uses different types of waste to divert it from landfill (check out our impact snapshot).

Production offcuts in Lithuania 

The Colour range and Design range are both woven at a nearly century old heritage mill in Lithuania. The mill collects production offcuts from the factory floors of 16 mills around Europe and pools them together for processing. Their specialty Jacquard looms mean we can weave detailed artwork into blankets. Check out the mill in Lithuania for how most of our blankets are made.

Post-consumer waste in Italy

Some of the yarn that makes up the Design blankets is produced in Italy, using post-consumer waste like old woollen jumpers. The woollen garments are sorted into like- colours and by material type, and fibre quality, and the waste is then ragged and shredded and spun into a new yarn with a bit of polyamide for strength. Read more about Italy's incredible process of utilising post-consumer waste.

Deadstock yarn in Geelong

The Rugged range is made in Australia at a heritage mill in Geelong, Victoria, which is traditionally an upholstery weaving mill. It's from this stockpile of deadstock or left-over yarn, that's kept in the hopes of being used before getting dust-covered and moth-eaten, that Rugged blankets are woven. Check out the mill in Geelong to see the process of weaving with deadstock yarn.

Each Seljak Brand blanket has wonderful qualities, so no matter which Seljak Brand blanket you choose, there are countless cosy moments to be had. Happy snuggling!

Textile waste being spun into new yarn at the Lithuanian mill