Well Made Clothes: the future of smart shopping

Well Made Clothes: the future of smart shopping

Sometimes we think so hard about the impact of our choices, we end up just spinning furiously around in one spot and make not a single decision. There’s too much information out there not to consider the options, but why is buying underwear that does no harm so gaad daam hard?

Well Made Clothes is a way you can shop for cool clothes that are sustainably and ethically made. What does that even mean? The team at Well Made helps to unpack that question with their eight values; Fair, Minimal Waste, Vegan, Gender Equality, Handcrafted, Transparent, Local and Sustainable (Well Made dubs organic as the pinnacle of sustainable), which inform their curation choices and your purchase choices.

Respecting people and nature while looking bangin’ is something most of us inherently want to do. But it can be hard when faced with myriad of choices. The aforementioned values guide you in decision making. For example, Minimal Waste is focused around employing upcycling and recycling practices to increase the lifespan of products and also techniques that produce little to no waste. So if you’re concerned about the amount of clothing getting dumped in landfill each year (in Australia, people throw out an average of 35kg of clothing every year) then this one is for you.

Or, if you can’t bear the idea of our friends with four legs on your feet, shop Vegan. I’ve been shopping Gender Equality as numero uno as of late, but sometimes when I miss my maker roots, I shop Handcrafted.

Shopping Well Made Clothes is such a simple way to begin to understand the complexity of the supply chain and the things we consume, but also our power in voting for what we feel is right.

Most of all, it makes this whole confounding process FUN. We’re total fans.

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Photo: Kuwaii (Transparent, Local, Gender Equality)

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