2021 impact report

2021 impact report

Every year we report on how we’re working towards our vision – a world without waste – and how we’re supporting the environment and the community we work within. Beyond Seljak Brand’s closed loop blankets we participate in systems innovation, educate about the circular economy and advocate for climate action. Check out the impact we've made in 2021 and the work we've been focusing on throughout the year. 

From January 1st 2021 to now: 

  • We've diverted 2900kg of textiles waste from landfill to make our blankets
  • We’ve donated $10,000 directly to the ASRC for food, support and supplies 

Our Activities: 

  • We’re a certified carbon neutral business after joining the Carbon Reduction Institute’s certification program. 
  • Seljak Brand co-founders Sammy and Karina Seljak were jointly awarded QUT’s Outstanding Young Alumni Award for our work with Seljak Brand.
  • We exhibited the Playing With Fire blanket at Melbourne Design Week, a conceptual artwork handmade by Karina Seljak from reclaimed 100% wool blankets inspired by the fire fighter’s jacket.
  • Co-founder Sammy Seljak contributed to Monash University’s Circular Stories, a guide that will help you design, make, use, reuse and dispose of t-shirts in Australia.
  • We spoke about circular design and social enterprise at RMIT, Brisbane Girls Grammar, Noosa Shire Council, Woolmark’s Naturally Inspiring panel series and at Monash Sustainable Development Institute’s launch of Circular Stories.

A deep dive into our Asylum Seeker Resource Centre (ASRC) partnership:

This year marks over 5 years of Seljak Brand supporting the ASRC – a commitment we’ve upheld since launching our business. The ASRC team shared some stats and stories about how Seljak Brand’s support is directed:

Housing: In the financial year 2020-21, Seljak Brand’s contributions (through donations and community fundraising) has supported safe housing for three families, for the entire year. In the history of the partnership, this equates to more than 4,389 nights of housing.

Food: In 2020-21, Seljak’s contribution will have supported 399 emergency food parcels for families. These parcels can provide more than two weeks of food security to families in need. 

Feast For Freedom: 15 Seljak Brand blankets were used as incentives for participants to raise funds through the ASRC’s annual Feast For Freedom. The blankets encouraged $42,000 worth of fundraising from supporters who were otherwise yet to fundraise. The ASRC said that “Seljak’s support was the most successful fundraising activity/incentive of the campaign.”

“Seljak has maintained a multifaceted relationship with the ASRC, focused on in-kind material aid donations, product donations for community fundraising such as the ASRC Telethon on World Refugee Day, and financial donations/support from proceeds of sale. In total, more than $97,000 of direct donations can be attributed to Seljak Brand’s time with the ASRC.” – Alan White, Director, Fundraising, Marketing & Enterprise

Amidst another year of economic and societal upheaval, there have been highs and lows for many folks in our community, and of course, globally. We’re very grateful our business has survived so far and we’ve had the ongoing support of all of you. We're looking forward to expanding our impact as we grow. 

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