Fairphone: a smartphone with a conscience

Fairphone: a smartphone with a conscience


Fairphone is providing smartphone consumers with a new opportunity when it comes to technology… to purchase a phone that is long-lasting by self and supported repair and that has less impact on the environment and society.  

Smartphones are something that people don’t have a huge amount of purchasing power over. That is to say, it hasn’t been easy to invest in a phone knowing that the environment and people haven’t been comprised in its creation. Until Fairphone came along.

Fairphone is an Android smartphone that is built to last. The first of its kind on the market, it’s a modular phone designed to be taken apart and repaired as necessary by its owner with spare parts available for sale from their store. Not many phones can boast a screen that can be fixed in under a minute! Focusing on life extension means consumers can have a smartphone that lasts them years, maybe even a decade. Given many other smartphones are designed for obsolescence, this is a very exciting development in the tech space.

A commitment to tracing materials to the source and making improvements to the supply chain is another element we love about Fairphone. They publish documents like their List of Suppliers and Cost Breakdown with the aim of true transparency and you can also read about the social entrepreneurial activities.

Like all great things, Fairphone is a working progress. The team admit their product and manufacturing supply chain isn’t perfect and are continually making improvements and tracking them along the way. Keep updated on their progress, and next time you go to ‘upgrade’, consider purchasing from what we believe will become the next smartphone market disrupter!

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